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When does the BHBL start?

We run two seasons a year, in winter and spring. The winter season registration begins in September with games between December-March. The spring season registration begins in March with games between April-May.


I am trying to register my returning player; however, the system does not recognize them what should I do?

This sort of glitch does happen from time to time. You will just need to register as a new player. This may take a little longer however there is no difference once the registration is complete.


I am having issues trying to register, why won’t my application process?

Please remember we only accept Visa and MasterCard. If you are using one of these two credit cards and are still experiencing issues, we have found that Google Chrome and Internet Explorer work the best.


Is there an office where I can call to talk to someone from the BHBL?

The BHBL is run by volunteer parents, there is not an office or telephone. We communicate by email only. Please email the division director that you have a question for. When emailing please include the grade and name of your child. We do not need the birth date. Please try to be clear with your email and address each question separately. The more direct your question is the easier it is to answer.


My child has never played basketball before. Is this ok?

Your child does not need to have played basketball before joining the BHBL. In the Booster and Rookies division, your child’s participation and enjoyment are more important than perfect dribbling or knowing all the rules. Our games are run by an amazing volunteer official who, along with your team’s coach, will ensure your child has a lot of fun. The BHBL is a recreation league and we have all levels of players in all divisions. We embrace teaching and sharing the love of basketball.

Does every player need to be rated?

No, not every player needs to be rated. We often use ratings from previous seasons. We never rate Boosters and Rookies so they do not have rating times. Divisions directors sometimes contact coaches for ratings on players, so they will not have to attend the rating weekend.


I registered my child for Booster or Rookies and forgot to request friends on the application what should I do?

If you forgot to add requests to your application, please email the division directly so these requests can be noted on your application. Be sure to include name and grade of the players you want to play together. We do our best to honor requests in these divisions however we do not guarantee they will be filled.


Does BHBL use child’s age or grade level for team formation?

The BHBL uses grade level for all divisions. We have always used grade level to ensure classmates can always play in the same division. The BHBL strives to create a sense of community in all aspects of the league.


Sometimes the schedule changes, why does this happen?

The BHBL is run in conjunction with the City of Beverly Hills and the Beverly Hills Unified School District, we receive the use of the gyms based on availability which is very hard to receive. The coordination for gym time is run through the city and verified by the school district. We have been bumped from our gym time for CIF games. We have learned to be flexible and try to communicate as soon as possible after we receive changes.


Where are the BHBL games played?

All BHBL games are held at the Beverly Hills High School, located at 241 Moreno Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90212. We have had to use alternate sites in the past because of emergencies.


If I missed registration can I be added to the waitlist?

Because of the overwhelming popularity of the BHBL, we turn off registration before the end date. Some divisions fill faster than others so this date is not firm. We are fully registered each year and unfortunately have to turn away players. If the registration is turned off so is the waiting list. If this is the case, please email the division you want to join and they can keep your email on file in case the waitlist is exhausted.


When do I find out if I am moved off of the waitlist on to a team?

All waitlisted players will be notified after the draft, or team formation if they have been placed on a team. If you are not originally placed on a team you can remain on the waitlist in the hopes that space will open up. If not, all players that are not placed on teams will be given a full refund.


Can I hold a practice at my home?

The BHBL never allows team practice at private residences. All practice must be held at approved locations, these include all Beverly Hills School sites and Roxbury Park.


Can I hold my practice inside the gym at the high school?

The BHBL never has access to indoor practices at the high school. Please always be polite when using any courts at the school sites or Roxbury park. If you run into issues, please email me the details. ([email protected])


If I did not get on the team I like can I be traded?

There are over 100 teams and 1200 children in the league, we accept requests for the booster and rookie divisions however they are never guaranteed. We do our best to accommodate request in these divisions but sometimes they cannot be honored. In our Minor – Super Senior divisions team formation is done by coach selection. We do not take requests in these divisions.

Can I request certain practice days?

The BHBL does not take request for practice days. Team formation is done through drafts in all our competitive divisions, with each coach picking their own practice day. All practices begin at or before 4:00 pm, there are no lights for the courts, so we are limited by darkness.

When do we receive our team supplies?

All supplies are passed out based on availability, we will communicate distribution plans as soon as possible as the start of the season approaches.


Do Booster team have weekly practices?

The Booster division has a 10-minute practice at the beginning of the 50-minute game slot, time permitting. They do not have a dedicated practice time.


If I missed the PCA (Positive Coaching Association) clinic is there a makeup date?

If you missed the PCA coach certification clinic you must take the PCA Double-Goal Coaching certification online. Double-Goal Coach®: Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons. We will try to email out a voucher code for the training, however, this often takes a week or so for us to obtain one.



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