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To all of our valued coaches in the BHBL

First let us thank you for volunteering to coach the kids of the BHBL.

We have been asked by some of you to provide Positive Coaching guidance for coaching strategies relating to an uncompetitive game situation.

Our experience has been that no one, coaches, players, parents, officials like a one sided game. The reality is that for various reasons, game scores can become lopsided. It will be obvious early in the game if you are coaching in a lopsided game on the scoreboard. Recognize this and be a Double Goal Coach that Honors The Game and prepares his/her players to win and teaches life lessons through sports.

The BHBL does not allow WAAC (Win At All Costs) Coaches to Coach.

What should a BHBL Double Goal Coach do if your team is faced with a lopsided score in your team’s favor?

  • 1. Make sure all roster players regardless of talent have equal playing time;
  • 2. If possible, give less skilled players more playing time;
  • 3. Work on scoring plays for your less talented players;
  • 4. Never use a pressure defense or pressing defense;
  • 5. Never try to steal the ball from the opponent;
  • 6. Play defense with your feet, not your hands;
  • 7. Play a loose man to man/zone defense to allow the opponents opportunities to score. This is how a Double Goal Coach Honors the Game by filling the Emotional Tanks of your opponents. This is a great confidence building life lesson;
  • 8. Make sure your players Respect the Game and Respect your Opponent by not showboating and trash talking;
  • 9. Do not fast break on offense. Control the ball and the tempo of your offense;
  • 10. Work on your offensive plays and pass the ball so all of your players touch the ball giving your less skilled players more scoring opportunities;
  • 11. Let the officials control the game and do not question or argue their calls;
  • 12. It is a privilege and an honor to be a Double Goal Coach in the BHBL. Respect that privilege and Honor The Game.

What should a BHBL Double Goal Coach do if your team is on the losing end of a lopsided score?

  • 1. Be a disciplined coach that coaches for Mastery;
  • 2. Fill your players emotional tanks by getting your players to focus on learning to play better, not simply winning on the scoreboard;
  • 3. Focus on the ELM Tree of Mastery – The athletes on your team will be successful if you get them to focus on:
  • 4. Always giving their best effort no matter what the scoreboard says;
  • 5. Always have a teachable spirit and learn from everything that happens during their experiences in the BHBL;
  • 6. Don’t let mistakes or the fear of making a mistake stop them from always giving their best effort.
  • 7. You and your players cannot control the outcome on the scoreboard but you can control your effort, your experience and how you respond to a mistake.

We strongly recommend that no matter which side of a lopsided game you are a part of that you talk with your team parents about the BHBL philosophy. We want all of our parents to be Second Goal Parents who leave the scoreboard to the coaches and athletes and focus on the life lessons their children take away from the BHBL experience.

Our BHBL parents are their kids’ biggest fans. We want all of our parents to support their kid’s effort and always believe in them no matter how they perform on the court. Parental support at all times, regardless of the scoreboard will always encourage their children to perform well.

First and foremost, always remember to HAVE FUN AND HONOR THE GAME!

Refund Policy

All refunds are subject to a $25.00 processing fee. Refunds requested after team formation shall receive a refund of 50% of registration fee after the player uniform is returned. It is at the discretion of the Board of Directors to issue any refund after the first game.

If your registration has been processed and you have been placed on our waiting list, a full refund will be given if BHBL is unable to find a roster spot for the player.

Please email your division director and the commissioner promptly to request a refund.

Refunds will be processed as soon as possible.


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